Twelve From 2016

Well, I guess it's about that time to do some sort of retrospective. I felt pretty lucky this year: I got in several trips, including a trip to Iceland with the family in August. I worked for Glacier Bay National Park for the summer season, fulfilling my wish to get a Park Service job in Alaska again (shots from there are absent here as I donated most of the better ones). Overall, I think I expanded my vision in photography and took a few solid frames.

Anyways, here are twelve of my favorite shots from the year. They might not be the best ones, but these resonated with me the most.

Peaches. Los Angeles. February.

Huntington Beach. February.

Manhattan. Self portrait.  February.

Chinatown, Manhattan. February.

Dyrfjöll. Iceland. August.

Iceland. August.

Getting the band together. Iceland. August.

Family. Northern Iceland. August.

Northern Iceland. August.

Adventures on Earth. Queens, NY. October.

In November, I started playing around with digital double exposures.

Foreward and backward. Digital double exposure of a poster and street scene. Boston. November.

December waves. Cook Inlet, Alaska. December.