Adventures in Iceland 2016

Dyrfjöll. Northeast Iceland.

In August 2016, I joined my mom and two brothers on a two-week trip to Iceland. Rowan and I started with a four day backpack on the Laugavegur and then joined up with the others for a ten day drive around Iceland. We mostly stuck to Hwy 1 ("The Ring Road") though we took several side trips to small fjord towns. These side trips some of my favorites. The small Island country has become extremely busy with tourists during the summer months, and getting off the main road is a bit of a respite from the crowds.

I didn't take many standard landscape photos. I guess I've gotten a little sick of taking standard landscapes. The photos below heavily reflect the people I was with in context of the beautiful Icelandic countryside.

Cat. Reykjavík.

Rowan at the Lutheran church Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík.

Rowan on day one of the Laugavegur trek.

On a ridge near ÁlftavatnLaugavegur, day two. 

Near the end of day three on the Laugavegur after a long trudge through volcanic sands.

Crossing Mordor on the third day of the Laugavegur trek.

River crossing on the fourth day of the Laugavegur trek.

The family at Skógafoss.


Boy and the sea. Southern Iceland.

Geothermal site near Mývatn.

Geothermal site near Mývatn.

Eastern Iceland.


Rowan and I.




Getting the band together in Siglufjörður.

This cat followed us around in Siglufjörður.


At a geothermal site near Mývatn.

Sunset near Mývatn.

Birch at a northern Iceland Route 1 Rest stop.

Northern Iceland.

Direction. Western Iceland.

The campervan. Western Iceland.

Rowan and a horse. Western Iceland.

Rowan and a horse. Western Iceland.

Mom and the Icelandic horses.