September 2015 B&W Photo Show


Here is a virtual edition of the B&W photo show I am doing at the Mono Inn in Lee Vining, CA during the month of September 2015.

All photos are posted in the order that they're on the wall. 

Artist's statement:
I’m a California and Alaska based photographer of landscape, abstract, minimalist and street images. This collection largely focuses on my “nothingscape” landscape series and some recent LA street work. I’ve also thrown in a few images from my travels in Southeast Asia from last year that seemed to fit the mood. Monochrome is my medium of choice -- I have never jived with color photography for some reason. Thank you for taking the time to explore my first show.

If you are interested in a print, please see my pricelist.

The Black Stallion of the Whites. 2013.

Have a Coke. 2015.

Desert Portal. 2014.

Train. 2014.

Journey. 2014.

Dog. 2014.

Lift. 2015.

High Rise. 2015.

Sam. 2014.

Beverly. 2015.

Stream. 2015.

The Wall. 2015.

Girl. 2015.

Brother. 2015.

Shadows. 2014.

Bus Stop. 2015.

Billboard. 2014.

Rudolph. 2015.